Game Producer

If you would like to apply for a job with Bamtang as a Game Producer, please apply as follows.


    • Follow the instructions carefully. 
    • The responses must be written in a Google Doc using styles.  
    • The doc must show the date at the end of its filename (yymmdd).  
    • The doc must be shared with using Google Drive. 
    • Add your personal details, sign the first page, and put your initials at the bottom right of every page 


    • Choose a topic and create files on the Google Drive and organize them. Add a txt note explaning why you organized them in that way. 
    • Please let us know your four favorite games.
    • For each game we will need a summary explaining the genre, platform and the reason why you like them. 
    • Write a paragraph about what you know about game production. 
    • Send your CV in Word format using the same Google drive. The filename should be indentified with your name and the date.