Bamtang is always looking to innovate in our creative processes. Our challenge is to push our limits and exceed expectations.

To that end, we have developed our own suit of tools and engines for casual and mobile games. Our cross-platform tools are built on top of C++, Qt and OpenGL and have been battle-proven in successful published games.

Our frameworks allow us to design, test and deploy our games easily for any desktop (PC/Mac/Linux).

We can also deploy simultaneously to iOS, Android, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC.

Our SWIT.js engine is a cutting edge HTML5 framework.

The technologies we currently use are the following:

  • Swit Engine for desktops, mobile devices and console
  • Swit Tools for level edition, animations, user interfaces and Artificial Intelligence
  • Swit.js for HTML5
  • Vector Engine for racing games for console and mobile
  • Unity Game Engine